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 Escrito de Kunos Simulazioni a los usuarios de consolas

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Lider Seccion Assetto Corsa
Lider Seccion Assetto Corsa

ID NETWORK: : 1/ Donnced
2/ CVP3_MrBean
Mensajes : 900
Juegos del clan: : Assetto Corsa
Project C.A.R.S
Dirt Rally
F1 2016
Comentario: : "Simracing for fun!"
Fecha de inscripción : 18/06/2016

MensajeTema: Escrito de Kunos Simulazioni a los usuarios de consolas    3/9/2016, 13:05

Los chicos de Kunos Simulazioni han escrito esto agradeciendo el feedback recibido de los usuarios de la versión de consolas y explica sus planes y ciertos puntos.
No lo he podido traducir al hacer este post con el teléfono móvil, sean libres de usar el traductor de Google para los que no entienden el inglés.

- 1ST SEP 2016
This time last week, Assetto Corsa began to appear on the shelves of game stores around the world. Firstly, we want to say a massive thank you to all of our fans for purchasing the game on console.

Now we’ve launched worldwide, the comments have started flooding in. There’s a great deal of love and support for Assetto Corsa out there, which is fantastic! There’s also some constructive criticism, which we appreciate and accept with open arms! At the end of the day, our community matters to us and we want you to be happy. We are always open to feedback and suggestions and whilst we cannot promise that we can do everything you ask us to, be rest assured that we are going to do everything we can to build on these foundations! Our development team might be very small, (<30 developers) but they are incredibly passionate about what they do and their aim has always been to produce the greatest racing sim on console and PC.

Kunos Simulazioni are 100% committed to ensuring that we build on the foundations we've laid with Assetto Corsa, for our console players! There’s a lot going on behind the scenes and we want to take this opportunity to give you an insight into what’s been going on since launch and our next steps...

When we launched Assetto Corsa onto console, it became clear to us that there was some feedback that needed addressing. A number of players were experiencing multiplayer performance issues on the Xbox One connected to voice chat. 2 days ago, we released an update which tackles this issue, so players can now head back in game and enjoy Assetto Corsa.

Assetto Corsa launched 2 editions… PRESTIGE and PERFORMANCE. The Prestige edition was not available digitally, only physically from selected retailers. Soon after launch, it came to our attention that our community were not too pleased and wanted to be able to own the cars for themselves. So we’ve reacted! We're pleased to announce that the Prestige Pack will be available to purchase from the PlayStation® 4 and Xbox One Store at a later date. The pack will contain the following cars...

Audi A1 S1
Audi R8 V10 Plus
BMW M4 Coupe
Corvette C7 Stingray
Ferrari 488 GTB
Ford Mustang 2015
Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera
Nissan GT-R Nismo 2015
Toyota GT86
More info on the Prestige pack coming soon! PLEASE REMEMBER! The Season pass DOES NOT contain the above cars! The Season pass contains the Japanese Pack, Porsche Packs, The Red Pack and an exclusive livery. We apologise for any confusion that may have been caused here!

Our developers are fully aware that some of you are experiencing screen tearing on both platforms, with Assetto Corsa. They’re currently working on a fix and we will update our community as soon as we can with more information.

We know and recognise that this is a massive talking point across all our community channels and be rest assured, we hear you! We respect your frustration and are fully aware of this request. The main priority with the console edition of Assetto Corsa was to launch a super stable game with fantastic driving. Whilst we have no news to share right now, what we can say is we are evaluating the available options. Please be patient with us and we’ll keep you guys updated.

This is a tough one… We don’t want to make the game ‘easy’ by any means, but we do recognise that the AI may need tweaking, especially on Easy mode. Our team are aware of this request and are working on a solution. Again, more info on this soon!

We hear you and we are addressing this! We are also working to improve the controller functionality in Assetto Corsa.

For those who don’t know already, there is a Season pass available for Assetto Corsa. Right now, there aren’t any packs to download, but there will be in the near future! Should you decide to purchase a Season pass, you’ll be able to download the following packages at a later date...

Japanese Pack
The Red Pack
Porsche Packs
Exclusive Livery
If you are experiencing issues with the console edition of Assetto Corsa, we want to help! Smile Please follow the below steps in order to help us help you...

1 - Firstly, we encourage you to search the CONSOLE LOUNGE and the sub-forums for a solution to your issue.

2 - If you are unable to find the answer you are looking for, then please check out our FAQ's. This will be updated as and when required.

3 - Should you wish to speak to someone directly, please head over to the 505 GAMES SUPPORT portal and log a ticket. A member of our Customer Support team will be in touch to help you.

Let’s wrap things up for now by saying a massive thank you again to our community for their support. We are excited to build on the foundations we’ve laid. Whilst it’s practically impossible to reply to each and every one of you individually, please know that we do hear you and we are listening.

All we ask is that you stick with us, be patient with us and show us the level of support you always have done.

Have a great day!

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Capitán General
Capitán General

ID NETWORK: : Er_Pastrana
Mensajes : 2687
Juegos del clan: : Nba 2k17
Fifa 17
Gta 5
Uncharted 4
The Division

Comentario: : Tempus fugit
Fecha de inscripción : 01/02/2014

Generación: Nueva generación cvp3

MensajeTema: Re: Escrito de Kunos Simulazioni a los usuarios de consolas    4/9/2016, 18:06

Básicamente, habla de los fallos, incidencias (issues) que están trabajando para solucionar en las versiones de xbos one y ps4.

También habla de los coches disponibles en la edición prestigio y de que sólo se puede comprar en formato físico. Además de explicar el contenido de las dos palabras que más odio en el mundo de las consolas: Season pass (pase de temporada) para que vayáis preparando la cartera.


Todos los procesos naturales y tecnológicos,
avanzan de tal forma que la disponibilidad de la energía restante disminuye.
En todos los intercambios de energía, si ninguna energia entra o sale de un sistema aislado,
la entropía de ese sistema aumenta.
La energía fluye contínuamente de ser
concentrada a volverse dispersa,
se extiende, desaprovechada e inútil.
No puede ser creada nueva energía y la energía de alta calidad está siendo destruida.
Una economía basada en un crecimiento sin fin es

Muse: Unsustainable. The second law. 2013
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Escrito de Kunos Simulazioni a los usuarios de consolas
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